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The first lj community about this wonderful group^_^
Community rules:
- Please post an introduction post telling us a little bit about yourself,and how you came to be a fan of the Nabs! This is just so that we all feel a little closer and like a family. ^^ Here it's the info we would like to know about you in your introduction post:
1- What's your name? (or penname)
2- How old are you?
3- Where are you from?
4- How did you find out about The Nabs?
5- What is your favorite member?
- When posting fanart/fanfiction, please use an lj-cut and any warning if
there is explicit content.
- Please respect the opinions of others, even if you don't agree. There is
no bashing allowed on this community, and if you have a problem with a user,
please take it up privately and NOT on the community.
- Please do not bash other idols or fandoms.
- Please try to stay on topic. A little bit of discussion about related
groups/etc is alright, but the main focus of this community is The Nabs and everything related to their members.
- Do not spam other communities.
- Please respect that this community's primary language is english and do
not use sms. If you post in japanese, please provide a translation. ^-^
- If you have any questions, suggestions, gripes, compliments, or anything
else, please don't hesitate to contact the mods: hinoai: hinoai@hotmail.com, _miyuchan_: ale_kirakira@hotmail.com.
We're friendly and want to hear from you! ^.^
- When posting any pictures at all, please lj-cut them! ^.^
- For the icon and media posts, please check the rules on sunikore's info page^^
Welcome and have fun!!
Your Mods _miyuchan_ and hinoai